“Yea, happy is that people, whose God is the Lord.” Psalm 144:15

The world is seeking for happiness. It has been a goal of mankind throughout the centuries. Our own Declaration of Independence makes “the pursuit of happiness” one of our God-given rights. And so, man pursues happiness in a variety of places and looks to obtain it in a variety of ways. And yet, the search goes on, and true happiness is not obtained. Because, in spite of the efforts, none of the things the world looks to for happiness can ever provide it. And yet, according to God’s word, happiness is obtainable and finding it is really quite simple. The true source of happiness is neither in man-made places nor in earthly sources. It is found in a Person; it is found in the One who created us and all things. God is the only true source of happiness. If a person will seek happiness from Him, what he will find is a happiness that satisfies in this life and a happiness that lasts for eternity. Do you have true happiness? If not, maybe you are looking in the wrong places. Make God your Lord, and He promises a happiness that will never end.