“But now is Christ risen from the dead…” 1 Corinthians 15:20

If someone were to ask you, “What is the single greatest occurrence in all of human history?,” how would you respond? It seems that there are so many events to choose from that picking just one would be an impossible task. And yet, the reality is, there is one event that stands out above all of the others that we might name. It is the one event that has had more of an effect on history in general and on individual lives in particular than any other. That event is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Only one time in all of recorded history did a man come out of the grave under His own power. And His resurrection proved that He was God, and it proved also that He had power over sin and death and hell. The claims He made were true. And what He had said was, if a person would place faith in Him, He would save them and give them power over sin and death as well. No other event in history made possible what our Lord’s resurrection made possible. If you have trusted Him, rejoice that He is alive! And if you have not, place your faith in Him today, and receive from Him forgiveness of sin and the sure hope of eternal life.