“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?” Romans 8:35

Separation is a difficult thing. Whether it is saying “Goodbye” as a child heads off to college or moves away, or letting go of a loved one who passes away in death, separating from those we love is probably one of the most difficult things we are called upon to do. But God has promised to us in His word that there are certain things that we will never be called upon to separate from. And at the top of that list is His unfailing love. God’s love is eternal; it is everlasting. His love is always extended to us, and there is no place that we can go where His love is not there. Because of our human weakness, we may not always sense His love, and in the difficult hours, we might feel that He has removed it from us. But according to His word, that simply is never the case. No matter what we do, no matter where we go¸ no matter what we go through, there is nothing that can come between us and His great love. Praise God for His everlasting, eternal love, demonstrated to us in the Person and the work of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!