“My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise.” Psalm 57:7

We live in unstable times. It seems that every day, on TV, in the newspaper, or online, we are made aware of some new concern, some new event or threat that might have far-reaching consequences. And as we become aware of those things, we become equally aware that we have so little control over their effects on us. And the reality is, in most cases, there truly is no human remedy for the instability that exists outside of us. But God’s word is clear that there is a sure remedy for the instability that may exist inside of us. Stable lives start with stable hearts. If our heart is secure, our lives will be secure as well. And the surest place to set our hearts is on the secure foundation of our God. Because God is absolute, nothing that occurs in our world or inside us can have any effect on Him. His stability is the result of His absolute nature. And even as circumstances change, even as our reactions are affected by those circumstances, God’s nature never changes. Are you seeking for absolute security and stability? Fix your heart on Him; rest in His security. And complete, internal stability will be the result. And instead of fear, God will give you a song.