“My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise.” Psalms 57:7

If you have ever flown a kite on a windy day, you know that the kite is controlled by however the wind blows. It is pushed one way or the other based on the direction of the wind. And on a particularly windy day, we have little or no control of the direction that kite will take. People can be the same way. The winds of circumstances and daily events will blow, and people will be pushed and controlled by whatever is going on around them. And so, many seek the things of the world, or relationships, or some other temporary thing to be what stabilizes them. But God provides a better way for those who know Him. He wants to be our foundation; it is His plan for us to be grounded in Him, in who He is, and in what He says. He doesn’t want us blown to and fro by every wind that arises, and He knows that the things of this world can never provide the stability we seek. And so, He offers to be our stability. And if we will fix our hearts in Him, the winds of culture and philosophy, the winds of difficulty and struggle may blow, but we will be fixed in the firm foundation of the truth that our Father provides. And the result will be a joy and a peace that the things of this world could never provide.