“God be merciful to me a sinner.” Luke 18:13

Do you know someone who is able always to say just the right thing or to do just the right thing when you are struggling? It is a wonderful thing to have a friend or a loved one that you can go to when difficulties comes, and to know that you will walk away from that meeting hearing just what you needed to hear. And no one can do that better than God can. God is the Master of doing just the right thing for those whom He created. God is infinitely aware that we are sinners and that we can do nothing about that sin on our own. So God did just the right thing: He extended His mercy to us. Mercy is defined as God not doing to us what we actually deserve. God knew that, because of our sin, what we deserved was eternity separated from Him. But instead, He extended to us His mercy. And in that act of mercy, He provided His Son as the payment for our sin. God’s mercy is clearly demonstrated to us in the death, burial, and resurrection of His Jesus Christ. What we could not do for ourselves God did for us, because He is a merciful God. And for those who have repented of their sin and asked God to save them through the work of His Son, we spend our days in grateful appreciation that God chose to be merciful to sinners.