“O earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the Lord.” Jeremiah 22:29

“Are you listening?” That is a familiar question. It is a question often asked to a child by a parent, or sometimes even asked by one spouse to another. And it is usually asked when one person has something very important to say, and the listener seems to be daydreaming, or drifting off, or not paying attention. It is also a question God is asking to each of us. God has many things to say to us, and He uses different ways to speak to us. He uses His word, He uses circumstances, He may use a good friend or pastor. But no matter what way He speaks, because it is God that is speaking, the things that He says are things worth hearing. But what God says does us no good if we aren’t listening, if we aren’t hearing the message He has for us. If we respond as we might in human interactions, by drifting off, or ignoring, or not paying attention, His words will be of little or no value to us. God has much that He wants to tell us; His word is full of important things for us to hear. And everything that He has to say is for our benefit. And if we choose not to hear, the consequences could be life-changing. So, the question is, “Are you listening?” There is much to be gained by hearing the words of our God.