For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. Luke 19:10

The truth of the Christmas season is found in our Lord’s own commentary on His coming. The ultimate value of Christ’s birth on this earth is that the God of the Universe came to this earth in human form to seek us. If we set aside all of the “experts” and simply let the Lord give His own commentary on His coming, we hear Him say that the whole purpose of His coming was so that He could seek out lost sinners, sinners like you and me, and save us from that sin. And as much as man may think that he can attain salvation on his own, the fact is, because of our sin, it was impossible for us to find Him. He had to find us. And in His grace and mercy, that is exactly what He did. And all a person has to do to be found of Him is realize that they are lost, because that is exactly the people He came seeking. So this Christmas season, we need to reinforce in our minds the Lord’s explanation for why He came, that we are saved because He came seeking. And then throughout the course of this New Year, may we be in continual praise that we have been found by Him. And may we be the vessels that He can use to seek out others who are lost.