“Yea, happy is that people, whose God is the Lord.” Psalm 144:15

Happy New Year! That is a phrase I am sure you have heard countless times over the past week, as most look with anticipation to a new year. And in that anticipation is the hope that this will be a good year, and for some, that it will hold better things than the past year did. And so, the hope is that this year will be a new year filled with happiness. Now, I am sure that many who wish others a “Happy New Year” are thinking in terms of financial success, or physical health, or fulfillment in some relationship, or in some other earthly or temporal remedy. And yet, the Bible never connects any of those things to happiness. The path to happiness from God’s point-of-view is when God is the Lord. So, that really narrows it down. If a person wants happiness, a person must see their need of a Savior, and realize that Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of that need. And then, true happiness comes when I take my hands off my life, and relinquish control to Him. And so, from God’s point of view, this is the path we must follow, if we truly want 2016 to be a “Happy New Year!”