“Our God is able…” Daniel 3:17

One of the amazing things about the word of God is how it can take simple words and express profound truth through them. In these four simple words, we find contained everything that we need to know, and they provide everything necessary to confront whatever we face in this life. No matter what challenge arises, whether it be a financial concern, a health issue, a family or a relationship difficulty, those four words are all that we need to handle whatever comes. When we truly understand the infinite power and might of our God, it is then that we realize that there is no challenge that is too big for Him. There is no burden so great that He can not carry it for us. Whatever provision we may need, He has the resources necessary to meet it and to exceed it. No matter what circumstances may be cast in our direction, those words stand as a defense to whatever comes and to whatever concerns us. Everything else in life eventually will fail; there is nothing and no one in this life that we can put our full trust in. But if you know the Lord, then you stand in the confidence and the surety that “our God is able.”