“For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee…” Isaiah 54:10

Have you ever purchased something that came with a guarantee? And so, the product has a problem, and you call the company to follow through on the guarantee, only to learn that the guarantee had so many loopholes that it really was worth nothing. Man can guarantee anything, but unless he has the power to fulfill the guarantee, it is really of no worth. However, when God guarantees something, it is an entirely different story. Because our God is all-powerful, when He guarantees something, He is able to fulfill every guarantee that He makes. And the wonderful guarantee that He provides to those who know Him is that His kindness will shine upon them forever. God’s children will never exist one day without experiencing the kindness of God. No matter what the situation or the circumstances, God’s kindness is always there. And His guarantee is more sure than the mountains, and He will show His kindness to us in more ways than we could ever comprehend. God’s kindness is eternal; we will live in His kindness here, and once we leave this place, we will live in His kindness forever. God guarantees His eternal kindness to us, and it is a guarantee that He can and will fulfill.