Business Listings | North Canton | OH“Michael, take this dinner over to the neighbors please.”  That was my Mom doing what she does so often, making dinner or dessert for those we know have a need.  Our neighbors are in just such a position.  Mrs. McCorkle has cancer and the medication she is on zaps her strength and makes it difficult to make dinner, do house chores or even give her children the care they need.

It’s not unusual for my Mom to watch the McCorkle children several times a week.  Mr. McCorkle works six days a week and I admire him coming home every evening after a long day’s work and doing his best to keep the house and kids on track, as well as take care of his wife. He never seems tired and always has a smile on his face, but I know it must be hard.

People helping people.  That’s the life I’ve known and really that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?  It brings meaning and happiness to life when we do good things for others… especially when they are in need.

StarkConnect is all about helping each other through our daily lives.  That is the mindset that we at have when it comes to our motivation for starting this community website.  Community is all about helping each other and keeping each other informed about what is going on.

Through the efforts of our partners, advertisers and you, the residents of Stark County, we plan on making this your go-to-website for events, restaurants, coupons, business locations, weather, news, sports, community happenings and even expert advice.

Whether you live in Canton, North Canton, East Canton, Massillon, Alliance, Hartville, Uniontown, Greentown, Louisville, Canal Fulton, Navarre, Brewster, Magnolia or East Sparta we’re here to bring you and your friends together by providing interaction and the opportunity for you to share happenings from your lives. has a goal to list every business in Stark County for free.  We have over 15,000 businesses listed already, but we’re sure there are more. If you know of a business that isn’t listed please let us know by using our contact form. Any business listing in bold blue designates a clickable link to their website.

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Learn more about Stark County by reading the history of popular cities in the county.  We have a lot of rich history to get acquainted with.  Comment on our articles or join chat groups with people with similar interests (coming soon). This community is for you and about you.

We have many plans to grow this site into one you want to see and use.  Be looking for classified ads, daily restaurant deals and a photo gallery of what you did last weekend.  Find out about your local school’s sports team and join in on discussions about community growth and awareness issues.  We’ll list your non-profit community event or church activity at no charge.

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