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Friday, April 23, 2021
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Advertising Rates

Scroll down to access our advertising rates and plans. and New Action Marketing LLC is a full service business marketing firm located in Stark County, Ohio.  Our team works hard to bring you more customers.  We provide a positive ROI on your marketing and advertising dollars, that’s our promise to you.  We set ourselves apart with innovative marketing ideas, techniques and proof positive reports that our efforts are working for you.  Give us a call today!  888-563-5343

Credibility Enhancement Service – This is our flagship product.  Few businesses utilize their most valuable marketing asset.  You work hard to build a good business with a strong reputation.  We work hard to market that to the community.  Put your good name to work for you!  Get more customers and more revenue by utilizing this very unique marketing.

Business Marketing Consulting – You need practical down-to-earth advice on where to put your marketing dollars.  We analyze your spending and co-develop a workable budget for you to follow.
SEO – Search Engine Optimization is important, but do you want to spend so much on things that can’t be tracked?  We use methods that are proven to work and that are foundational to your growth.  Nothing black hat or shady here.  Costs can get out of control in this area.  We control the cost to meet your budget and give you bang for your buck.
Google+ Local/Yahoo Local/Bing Local – Listing on these services is a must for all businesses.
Web Design – Use our many pre-made templates (saving you money) or have a web site custom designed.  It’s your choice.
Mobile Responsive Web Design – Having a web site that fits any type or size of screen is extremely important today.  Many exciting designs to choose from.
Article Writing & Submission – Our article writing and proprietary submission techniques are a great way to build your name and  branding.  This is a great way to improve your search engine ranking.
Press Releases – Let the community know when something exciting is happening in your business.  From hiring new employees to expanding or improving your products or services, we get the word out.
Social Media (FB, Twitter, LinkedIN) –  Anybody can enter a post, but managing your accounts for maximum visibility is not so easy.  Let us handle the work for you.
Social Deal Sites Promotions – Want new customers fast?  Hosting a social deal promotion is the way to go.  We work for YOU and make sure it will be profitable for you.  This is pay-for-performance advertising.  It costs you nothing until you have made a sale.
Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) – Fast results, but you must control your costs.  This advertising method takes constant oversight and needs to be managed professionally to generate maximum effectiveness.
Lead Generation Marketing (CPA) – We get your prospects to call or come-in.  All you have to do is sell them your product or service.  Cost effective because you only pay for actual eager-to-buy leads.

Directory Listing Service – Nowadays it is not unusual to get 2 or 3 phone books delivered to your doorstep.  Similarly, there are hundreds of online directories. is an online directory for businesses in Stark County.  It is wise to have your business listed in as many directories as possible.  Most directories will list your business for free, but will also entice you to get their paid subscription service. There is a right way and a wrong way of listing your business in directories.  You can do this yourself, but it takes time and is tedious.  We can handle this project for you, done correctly, for a nominal fee.

Ad Tracking Service – If you don’t track it, you can’t manage it.  Un-managed projects get out of control.  Tracking is vital to keeping your marketing budget lean and efficient.  This is a must.  We provide a tracking option for all of our services.

Direct Mail Campaigns – Direct mail still has benefit for some businesses as an effective way to get more customers. Tracking its value is a must, however.  Most of the cost is in the printing and postage and we can facilitate and advise on the distribution.

Mobile Page Creation/Optimization – Because of the many different screen sizes creating a page that can be read on a mobile device (cellphone, tablet, mini-tablet, Kindle, etc) takes extra work unless your web site is mobile responsive. We can help with formatting mobile pages if needed.

Couponing (Online) – Giving discounts in the form of couponing is always a great form of marketing. is a great avenue to place an ad with a coupon.  We have great innovative ways to use coupons.  Ask us about this option!

Loyalty Card Marketing – Your customers want to do business with someone they know, like and trust.  As a business owner you want loyal customers that keep coming back.  Reward your customers and they will be loyal.  Everybody likes knowing they are appreciated.  Once again we have some unique ways of implementing this type of program while building a customer base to use in other advertising.

SMS Texting Services – 95% of text messages are opened within 5 mintues of receiving the text.  This has some powerful marketing implications and can bring you instant traffic to your business.  Do not overlook this opportunity for marketing.

Do-It-Yourself Business Marketing – Last on our list, but definitely not least is marketing for those who have the time to pursue it on their own.  We have 15 different training courses for those who want to know how to do it right.  Buy only one course or purchase all of the courses and save money.  This is a great option for businesses on a tight budget.

You can call us at 888-563-5343 or use the contact form here to send us an email message.  We look forward to helping you with your marketing needs in any way we can!

Advertising on is easy, affordable and flexible!Use your graphic or we provide graphic creation services at an additional charge.  Choices and flexibility are our advantage.  Call for more information and pricing.

We have some super special introductory advertising rates available.

Become a charter subscriber today and receive these extra benefits:

  • 50% off first year full rate
  • 30% off full rate for all additional continuous years for life!
  • Business review article
  • Periodic mention in our newsletter

We look forward to helping you advertise your business and bring more customers through your doors.

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