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Monday, March 8, 2021
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Hartville Ohio

"Hartville Ohio Flea Market"What Is The History of Hartville Ohio?


Hartville Ohio Has Humble Beginnings

Hartville Ohio is a village located in Lake Township in the NE section of Stark County. The village has humble beginnings dating back to the early 1800’s when a hotel and tavern combination were constructed by John Morehart. 

The building is still standing and known as The Pantry although the original log structure has been covered over both inside and out during renovations over the years.

The area was settled by early pioneers and grain mills, known as grist mills, and sawmills sprung up as a way of making a living. Early life in Hartville was hard. 

Many of the settlers were well off financially, but their resources dwindled due to the hardships.  Wild animals, sickness and disease and road conditions also contributed to their hard way of life.


Alcohol Important In Hartville’s History

Distilleries became very important to the lives of Hartville residents.  According to the Village of Hartville web site this was due to three things:

“(1) alcohol was labeled a “necessity of life” to the early settler (2) grain in that condition was easier to ship and more marketable, and (3) many settlers were of German origin-people experienced in the brewing business.”

Because of the poverty and abundance of alcohol, drunkeness was prevalent in the early years of the village and township.


Business History

In 1909, the Hartville Ohio grain elevator was constructed by William Royer.  It originally started as a feed mill where local farmers would bring their cows for sale. 

The elevator is still in use today and is owned by Ed Ringer and Craig Wellspring. The Elevator has become a distributor of wholesale feed, including its “Just Right” brand, throughout northern Ohio.

In 1939, a livestock auction was started by Sol Miller.  That company has grown into a group of companies today that include the Hartville MarketPlace and Flea Market, Hartville Kitchen, Hartville Hardware, Hartville Collectibles, Hartville Kitchen Salad Dressing, Top Advantage Surfaces and Hartville Tool.

The population of Hartville was 2,944 in 2010.  That represented a 35% increase in population over the previous ten years. The village of Hartville Ohio encompasses a total land area of 1.8 sq. miles.

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